Saturday, July 26, 2014

50 in a year in Europe

I've read many of these 101 in 1001 posts and I decided to make my own post.  However while making a list of a 101 things to do in one year I realized odds are, I won't get half of them done so I decided to shorten it to 50 in a year in Europe, and odds are I won't even get to them all (so I'll just have to come back one day).  These are a bunch of things that I want to see, do, or places I just want to visit.  I know there are many that I am missing so if there is anything that I absolutely must do while I am in Europe just comment and let me know!

1.      Get to Europe!! (31/7)
2.      Visit at least two more countries than on my checklist (1/2 Iceland 31/7(kinda the airport counts right?) 2/2 Netherlands 27/11) (Running tally: France, Ireland, Netherlands, Spain, England, Monaco...)
                                                              i.      France  (31/7)
                                                            ii.      Italy
                                                          iii.      Germany
                                                          iv.      Spain (16/1)
                                                            v.      U.K.  (14/11)
3.      Eat McDonalds in Europe (31/7)
4.      Go to an opera/play/concert/something cultural (London, The Commitments 5/4)
5.      Understand all my classes (passed them all)
6.      Go to the beach  (20/8)
7.      Keep posting to this blog!

8.      Make my apartment/dorm feel like home! (already miss my first apartment in France)
9.      Apply for internships
10.  Find an internship (MEDINCELL!)
11.  Take a touristy photo with the Eiffel tower (15/8)
12.  Visit the Louvre  (22/11)
13.  Visit the Mediterranean (I live there now)
14.  Arc de triomphe  (15/8)
15.  Go to the hometown of Joan d’Arc
16.  Tour a castle (6/8 Chateau de Compiegne)
17.  Marseilles 
18.  Learn about wines
19.  Learn to properly taste wine
20.  Learn to appreciate (not like) white wine
21.  Eat pain au chocolate for breakfast (10/8)
22.  Crepes!! (18/3)
23.  Try a food I wouldn’t normally eat (27/8 I picked something random off the menu, it was delicious)
24.  Eat real escargot (25/12)
25.  Go to farmers markets  (every Saturday there is one in town)
26.  Get a bike
27.  Read Tintin in French!
28.  Not feel like a tourist one day (getting asked for directions!)
29.  Visit the café from Amelie
30.  Visit a castle (2/8 Chateau de Compiegne)
31.  Visit Provence
32.  Visit Lyon
33. Venice
34.  Eat real pizza
35.  Coliseum
36.  Leaning tower of Piza
37.  Rome
38.  Florence
39.  Vatican City
40. Seville
41.  Madrid
42.  Barcelona (21/3)
43.  Meet up with other IEP-ers
44.  Frankfurt
45.  German chocolate
46.  London (4/4)
47.  Edinburgh
48.  London Bridge (5/4)
49.  Stone Henge
50.  Dublin (14/11)

Update: 3/12 I have completed 14 of the 50 items, we have a long way to go!
              2/4 23 out of 50!

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